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What is a WordPress Site?


What is WordPress?

First founded in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg, WordPress is an Open Source blogging tool and content management system a.k.a CMS. Open source means that the code is available for free for use, studying, copying, changing & improving upon. This has lead to a huge community of user and developers that strive to make it better.

WordPress originally started primarily as a blogging platform, developed to make building and running a blog easier for the non-techie people. Advancements over the years have turned WordPress into a full website CMS because of the way it has become very flexible and of course due to the Open Source which allows outside developers to extend the platform via themes & plugins.

WordPress has an easy to navigate Dashboard, which makes creating and editing new and existing pages a breeze and writing a blog post simple as can be. Yes, WordPress offers a lot of features and extras that can be confusing and/or overwhelming to a new user, but you don’t have to use the features until you are ready to understand them. I always tell my clients, if you have basic experience using Microsoft Word and have used Facebook for communicating and sharing pictures with your friends & family, you can use WordPress.

There are two different types of WordPress sites.

  • Sites on – A free site that runs a version of WordPress that allows people to start a blog completely free.
  • Sites that use the WordPress code and deploy it on their own hosting account. This is also referred to as a Self-Hosted WordPress site.

WordPress can be found running some of the most popular sites in the world. Some of the sites & brands that use WordPress are popular tech blog Mashable, Major news organizations such as New York Times, CNN & The Wall Street Journal use WordPress to run the blogs on their sites. Musicians such as Jay-Z and Katy Perry sites are built on WordPress. Big Brands such as Ebay , Ford Motor Company, People Magazine & Yahoo use WordPress in their websites to run their blogs. Even Universities have used WordPress not only for blogging, but at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, their entire website is built with WordPress being used as a CMS.

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